April 28th, 2004

Pasty Pale White Boy & Pinoy Boy Toy!

Somewhere over the weekend...

So this past weekend was quite a big one - we got our first couples portraits taken, had a going away party, went to a wedding, met RuPaul and hung out with Joe Phillips, went to Legoland, had our last romantic dinner together for a while, and off he went to Maryland...

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Yesterday I hit Target at lunch to pick up some bathroom stuff. No one showed up for gaming night, however, so I just putzed around on the computer for most of the night.

Yudi finally got around to sending me the list of events they'd decided on from the meeting on April 6. Since one of the events was a big dinner they'd finally gotten around to planning, and it was supposed to happen this Sunday (with no prior notice to anyone about it), it was decided that we'd reschedule it. Bleargh. I swear I don't know how they'll ever get by without me. ;)

Today is another work day, and I ran to Albertsons at lunch only to run into Creepy Albertsons Stalker Guy! At least this time when I was curt with him (although not outright mean, just not very friendly) he apologized for bothering me, so maybe he finally got the hint. Tonight I need to head down to Darrel and Kris' because I have some of their wedding gifts from Saturday (they didn't have enough room for all of them in his van).

So now that G'con is over and my darling boyfriend has left the building, I figured I'd have a few weeks to myself to just relax, right? BAH! Tomorrow night I have a phone call scheduled with Peter to discuss the highs and lows of being Speaker for the Gaylactic Network, then there may be an LYC EC meeting to discuss this dinner thing; Saturday is the SANSFIS membership meeting; next week I have to get my hair cut; at some point I have to schedule the last meeting for G'con, then chat with Wayne and possibly Lance about lessons learned; and a bunch of other things I put on my calendar last night which seemed to fill it up pretty quick. Dammit!

Here's one thing I didn't know - the UU General Assembly is in Long Beach this year, June 24-28. A tempting proposition to finally go to one since it's practically in my back yard. I'll have to see if Michael is going.

Finally, I forgot to mention here that my evil co-worker was driving to work last week (Monday?) and someone rear-ended her car pretty badly, so much so that she was out for the rest of the week and is only working 2-hour days while her soft tissue injuries heal. Sadly, she's generated zero sympathy from most of the people around here since she's so disliked, but I do feel bad for her as it was totally not her fault.

That's it for now. :D
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Sorry really does seem to be the hardest word...

You know, when you offend someone, the best route is to just apologize and leave it at that. Making up excuses as to why one oughtn't to have been offended in the first place just makes you look like an ignorant, insensitive ass, especially after you've just done the right thing and apologized. Next time, stop there.

I know it was meant as a joke, but I (and likely only I) didn't find it funny, and found it rather insensitive at that. You should have stopped at "I'm sorry."

Copping an attitude about it doesn't help, either.

And yes, I know you're very much the "no PC for me" and "the more insulting the better so I can knock you PC lovers on your butt HA HA HA" kinda guy, but when you do actually offend someone, regardless of whether you think it's legitimate or not, sometimes you just gotta take the lumps, even from your friends.

Food for thought.
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