April 23rd, 2004

Q & A - South Park

Yesterday, last night and tonight

So yesterday was a good day. Had my weekly with AMB and I can tell she's much happier with my work of late now that the con is over, although she did ask about what time I've been getting in lately, but how can I force myself out of bed in the morning when I'm lying next to the most beautiful boy in the world? :) Speaking of whom, Quincy had dropped me off at work so he could use my car to run some errands, and then he came by for lunch so we went to the UTC food court. We stopped at Sears afterwards to check on portrait prices, and after some research after I got back to the office it looks like JC Penney is our best bet, so we have an appointment tonight right after work.

I also had a long phone call with Yudi and we finally hashed out the whole Gaylaxicon thing. First, he had no idea he was being such a pest, but as I told him, he was quite low on my priority list, and I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because I knew he knew nothing about SF conventions and what they entailed. I explained to him that every single time I mentioned the con he would dismiss it, or react as if I were making a big deal out of something that wasn't that big of a deal, or just that he seemed really tired of hearing about it. He claims it wasn't every time we talked, and he also says he was just kidding around, good-natured ribbing like I often give him. Well, as I said to him, after months of "just kidding around" it got on my nerves. We obviously remember things differently, and he thinks I'm being too sensitive, but he did acknowledge that he understands how much work I put into it, that he was proud of me, and he apologized. Ugh. I still made him promise to read the program book cover to cover before we could discuss the con. (I also told him about the several bits of drama that happened that I personally had to take care of that precluded me from "letting my staff handle it and enjoying it for a change," as he put it on Saturday night when he called and I hung up on him, and once I finish my update from the con you can read about them, too.)

So after work I headed home, and Quincy decided he wanted to do California Pizza Kitchen for his farewell dinner, so I sent out those e-mails today. We also decided to see Hellboy together (using the gift certificates we got from jkusters and thomasm - thanks guys!), but the only showing we could make and still get dinner was at 9:50, so we had plenty of time to get down to National City to hit a Filipino buffet which was quite good, then hit the movie, which was also quite good (must add to wish list). Ron Pearlman was perfect, and I liked the look and feel of the film. Unfortunately my talent for recognizing famous voices faltered a bit - I was certain the voice of Abe Sapien was David Hyde Pierce, but it turns out both the actor and the voice was Doug Jones (who was also Pencilhead from Mystery Men). Perhaps my special ability is being affected by some unknown evildoer's nefarious plot... ;)

[Aside: Was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the first film to be made in that particular cinematic style? I hear movies like Hellboy and Van Helsing being referred to as "League-style movies," and I'm wondering if League was the first film to exemplify that style. I see elements of it in movies like Spider-Man and Batman & Robin - that integration of CGI and live action, the fantastic city/landscapes with the swooping arial shots, etc. - but I'm thinking League was the first to translate that feel into an entire movie, rather than just using elements of it. Anyone have any insight on this?]

We got home late, but we had a really nice night. I'm looking forward to getting our pictures taken, then seeing people at dinner tonight (we have about 20 so far), and I'm sure Quincy will have fun at Rich's afterwards. :D
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