April 22nd, 2004


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My poor Q. His brother-in-laws's family were nice and drove him to the train station, but, in typical southern California "public transit" style, it was actually a bus that took him to the L.A. station. Unfortunately, the bus was about an hour late! If he missed the train in L.A. he'd actually end up getting in later than the Greyhound he didn't want to take! Thankfully, though, they held the train for them, so they only left an hour late. They did have problems on the way down and were slowing down and stopping from time to time, but surprisingly he still made it in a little after 11:00 (and after missing four of his calls he finally got me before he took a cab home, so I went and picked him up). Aside from the frustrations, he also lost his CD case while running for the train. :( I'll have to try to help him rebuild his collection.

While he was out, though, I got a bit of laundry done, talked to Mom, watched some TV, ate dinner, and even got half a round of Halo in with Daniel.

Tonight we're thinking of getting our pictures taken, then seeing Hellboy and going out to dinner... or maybe not. Plans are up in the air. Tomorrow night we'll have his going-away dinner (he's thinking a Filipino restaurant in National City), then go out clubbing. Saturday is the wedding, and then we'll have to decide if we're going with them out to dinner or if we're coming back to go to Joe's. Sunday is still wide open, but Q wants to be able to do whatever suits him on his last day - possibly Sea World, maybe just hang out in Hillcrest.
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