April 21st, 2004



Yesterday was pretty keen. I got home and made dinner-in-a-box for me and Quincy, plus David showed up expecting some gaming but Michael had cancelled to go to the SDQSF gathering, so he had some, too. David also tallied up what Q owed him for the last bit of comics he decided to get, and it was a lot less than Q had expected, so he might indulge and get some more from the "maybe" pile. (David was just happy to get a check.) After dinner we headed down to David's, and about 13 people showed up. A lot of them I'd met at Gaylaxicon at the BOF, but there were a few new faces. We talked about comics, TV shows, gaming, and a lot of other stuff, and by the time we wrapped up it seems there was interest in doing coffee again, hitting a film opening, and starting a gaming group. Yay! I like people who are participatory and proactive so I don't have to be. After that we came home, had some amazing sex, and went to sleep. :D

Today I got up a little late, and work has been productive. Q's been on his way to drop off his car, and I do believe he'll be heading back by bus or by train shortly (depending on where they were willing to drop him off). We're a little worried about the car making a 4-hour trip, but it looks like all is well. I was also reminded that today is my mother's birthday, so this morning I jumped online and ordered flowers which were delivered to her this afternoon. I also dropped off some more film which I'll pick up next week (sticking to my resolution to take more pictures).

Tonight Q won't be back until late, so I need to do laundry, possibly take a nap, and relax a bit. Tomorrow night we're thinking of getting our pictures taken, and Yudi called today and suggested that since we have Friday night free we should plan a little going-away bash for Q, so we're doing dinner and dancing (everyone's invited, if you're interested).

So all in all, a good day.
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