March 29th, 2004


This past weekend

Thursday - work, had a send-off for KG's last day, went home, picked up Q, had Boston Market for dinner, then met up with Yeris and his new boyfriend Steve to see Dawn of the Dead (see my earlier entry - the film make me ill so I snuck out and watched most of Lost In Translation instead), and afterwards we stayed at our own places.

Friday - I had off for Cesar Chavez day, slept later than I wanted to, met up with Adam and Q for lunch at the hotel to go over program stuff, was going to go through the hotel with Sandra but she had to skip, so Q and I just wandered around the conference center and took some measurements, ran into our sales rep Anna, afterwards went shopping at Fashion Valley, had Cinnabon, came home, Q went out to dinner with his classmates and I stayed home and did con stuff, then he came over and stayed the night.

Saturday - Got up early, went and bought the polo shirts I'm having embroidered for G'con, went to the staff meeting at the hotel (very productive, much to do over the next week), afterwards we had to exchange a couple of damaged polos, had lunch at Denny's with Chris, went to LYC coffee, went to Pat & Johnny's and Edwin colored Q's hair with brown hightlights, stopped in Hillcrest to check the mailbox and pick up dinner at Ralphs, came back to my place, I made pasta for dinner, then we spent the night at Q's.

Sunday - Q and I both slept in, he went to rehearsal and I went home, I watched some TV, checked e-mail and did some con stuff, then later Q came over and him, me, Daniel, Tri, Myke and John all went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and Q stayed the night.

Today - work work work (we have a trip on Thursday to get ready for), and I leave early to get interviewed on Sci-Fi Overdrive, a weekly SF radio/web show, for Gaylaxicon, and it'll air April 4.
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My radio interview

Cool. That went well. Sounds like it'll be a fun show. Tune in for hour 2 on April 4 (they air late night into the following morning) if it plays in your area, or hear it at
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