March 22nd, 2004


The weekend at Wizard World

Friday night we had dinner at Black Angus and finally got around to using that $50 prize we won at Halloween on a very nice dinner for two (ostensibly to celebrate our 9 month anniversary, or at least that's the reason we used). Afterwards we headed back to my place, packed, and drove up to Long Beach.

Saturday morning we got up and got ready, but when we got downstairs the hotel shuttle was already out and about and Q wanted to hit a panel, so we decided to get a cab - after all, it was only a little over 5 miles to the convention center, right? Ugh! Cost us $20! It would have been significantly cheaper to drive ourselves and find parking (which we figured would be pricey, but turns out was only $5!). Blah. Live and learn. But all was not in vain - we had made it to Wizard World Los Angeles! Q made it to his panel while I wandered around a bit (ran into a couple of LASFS/ConFurence acquaintances, plus met two guys who asked to be panelists at G'con). After his panel while we both were walking around we ran into his friend Michael (mikhalmc) and they had a great time talking comics over lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. After lunch Q went to another panel, so Michael and I walked around together until Q was done, and then Michael headed home. I scored quite a bit of stuff - got a Venom/Spiderman minimates two-pack and a little toy Venom for Daniel, and I got a Storm t-shirt for Q (that was actually small enough for him to wear), plus I got the first two issues of Twisted ToyFare Theater, and Q and I were laughing reading them all night long. After we finally finished we called the hotel and got the shuttle this time, and headed back to the hotel. After a bit of a rest we had dinner at Bakers Square, even though I wasn't feeling all that great.

Sunday we got up and I dropped Q off at the con, then came back to the hotel, grabbed breakfast, packed up the room, relaxed a little, then checked out. I went down to the con and met Q there, then we walked up Pine Street and decided to have lunch at Johnny Rockets. After that we hopped in the car and headed home, where I quick checked some e-mail and then we were off to our staff meeting at David's Coffeehouse. Got a lot done despite a number of people not being there, but we remain on course for the con. Afterwards we went to The Lumberjack Grille that Bill turned us on to, and we even got to drive there in his new Prius - neat! After that Q came back and stayed over (since he doesn't have work anymore) and we had a bit of a serious but good talk about... stuff. :) I got another weird sudden attack of an upset stomach, so I took some antacids and we went to sleep.

So today it's just work, and following up on some... er, actually, a LOT of G'con stuff. :)
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I am so far behind...

I was just looking at my friends page and am reading things that happened weeks ago that I had no clue - important things like break-ups, illnesses and such.

Bah. It used to be habit to read my friends page every day to keep up. I've fallen behind, and I can't even recall when or what caused me to stop reading every day. Probably the Convention That Ate My Life. Maybe it's Q and all of our travels.

I feel so overwhelmed I may be cutting some people off my regular read list so I can keep up with those closest to me. If I don't read something important in your LJ, don't think I don't care - I just can't afford the time.

Blast this convention! (Although I must admit it's fun and energizing. Maybe when it's over I'll actually do some work at work? Naaaaaaaaaaah...)

Of course, I shouldn't feel too bad - Quincy hasn't even posted to his LJ in months, and the last two things were quizzes - they don't count. (And don't just link to mine, boy-o!)

If something really, really important has happened to you and I've missed it, please tell me by replying to this entry! I really do want to know.
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