March 19th, 2004


The week in review...

Wednesday night I did canvassing around Hillcrest and hit quite a few places until I ran out of flyers. Came home, did con stuff, and crashed.

Yesterday at work was good - got a lot of stuff done before my weekly with Annamarie. After work I got the battery swapped out in my car, bought some hair care products, and my sister called to let me know that, despite everything that's going on at home, she's sending me a Tastykake care package. Aw. :) She also said Grandmom is doing pretty well, so all seems a little better. She also said my mother's doctor Kim suggested she take some antidepressants for the short term since it has become rather unusual that so many things are happening all at once. After that I went food shopping (had to buy something to eat as soon as I left the store because I could feel my blood sugar dropping), came home, and did con stuff. Later that night I packed a bag and headed to Quincy's to spend the night because we had to be up early this morning.

Woke up this morning and the first thing I realized was that I'd left my work clothes hanging back at the house, but I managed to squeeze into something of Q's. We picked up Yeris and I got to see my honey graduate from medical tech school - yay! I'm so proud. Sadly we were unable to reenact any scenes from An Officer And A Gentleman with "Love Life Us Up Where We Belong" in the background, but it was nice nonetheless. Then it was off to a productive day at work (including spamming several Zhaan fan sites about Virginia Hey coming to G'con), and now I'm home.

Tonight I've got to get some G'con stuff done, and then Q is coming over and we're headed to Wizard Con. Should be fun, and will be back on Sunday in time for the staff meeting. Yippee.
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