March 16th, 2004



Lynda just called. Susan & Craig are taking Bart to vet because he's not doing well - my mother says he's following her around, has been marking the house, and that his paw is bleeding. Even sedated, he's going to be a handful to deal with at the vet. The vet said he may need to keep him overnight, and my mother is hysterical thinking they're going to put him to sleep. I calmed her down and told her to wait and see what the vet says, but if it happens, I can talk to him so Mom doesn't have to make that decision.

Argh. I love my cat. :(

On top of that, Grandmom is supposed to be discharged tomorrow (although she's got swollen feet this morning and that may be delayed) to a rehab center, but no one seems to know for how long - 5 days? 2 weeks? 20 days? And of course my uncles are being jackasses saying forget it, they're going to take her home, blah blah blah. Fuckers. Don't you even listen to the doctors?

And now I wait for my mechanic to call me with the damages for the brakes. (And thanks to Daniel for taking me into work this morning, even if it is turning out to be a crappy day.)
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Update on Bart

Susan called and said although she had no problem getting him to the vet. His blood sugar was actually fine, although they said that his claws are starting to come out because of the diabetes and he may or may not have kidney or liver damage. They were about to send him home with some antibiotics when he had two seizures. Now they're keeping him overnight because they don't know why he had them.

Mom's freaking out, but I keep telling her to stop jumping too far ahead and let's wait to see what the vet says. She's also concerned this is going to cost a lot of money, but I'm going to wait and see what happens before making any decisions.

My poor Bart. :(
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Update on Grandmom

Some good news - my mother has told her brothers to go fuck themselves and she's making sure my grandmother gets the care she needs in a rehab center. Yay! They signed the paperwork today and I assume she's being discharged tomorrow.

Update 5:03 p.m.: Lynda and Mom went to the hospital late this afternoon, filled out the paperwork and she was transferred to rehab today, but I haven't heard the whole story yet. Yay!
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Update on my car

Well, Firestone just called. Needs front pads, rear cylinders and a rotor, all for a mere... $531.

Argh. :(

On top of that I need new tires, an alignment, and likely calipers if I keep the car for a while longer.

I don't need this.
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Goodbye to my big fat kitty...

The vet says Bart is having multiple seizures which either indicates organ failure or a brain tumor, and it's definitely causing brain damage. They have him on phenobarbitol. I can't let him suffer.

I will miss you, Bart. You were my first real pet, and I raised you from a small kitten. No matter how big and fat you got, I'll always remember you curled up in my sweaters the night I brought you home.

Say hi to Dad for me. I'm sure he'll have a dish full of food waiting for you.
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