February 27th, 2004


Another week in review

Monday morning I woke up, took a shower, and when I came back into the bedroom my li'l Q was crying! Turns out he'd had a dream that I'd cheated on him. Poor boo. But I had to get going as it was our first day in our new offices. Started off by stuffing those 1200 envelopes to get into the mail, then spent the day unpacking and starting to settle in. I did pop over to UTC for lunch (now that I'm a mere 2 blocks away), and picked up Star Wars: Epic Duels and a couple of playing card storage tins. I did stay late trying to get things done, and when I got home I ended up crashing for a few hours. Daniel was supposed to get in at 11, then called to say he wasn't getting in until midnight, then called and said he'd gotten an earlier flight and would be in at 9:30. Picked him up, got home, and crashed. Long day.

On Tuesday I mostly unpacked, and AMB sent out an e-mail reviewing some new team procedures now that we're in a new setting, which looked pretty good to me. Yudi called and said Chris called him and said I'd gotten him into trouble, but hey - not my fault. I also managed to find the deli in the building so I can get milk for my tea in the mornings, plus it has good food and a good breakfast menu. At some point during the day Mark, our student intern, heard me say something about putting up a picture of my boyfriend. He came over to my office and started asking me about him, so at least I know my gaydar was right on this one! :D He also asked if Q had been at Numbers on Saturday night, 'cause he'd seen him! LOL! Small world... I left work early because I had a haircut with Liz, who I hadn't seen since November, and John had already mentioned to her my dad had died, so we talked a little about that. Afterwards we played Epic Duels and Transatlantic with Bill, Ben and David.

Since Q was working the late shift this week, I got him to come into work on Wednesday for lunch. Everyone was so glad to see him, and Mark really wanted to meet him since he's Filipino, too. We had lunch at the UTC food court, and he told me about his dream. Very weird, but then most dreams are. Finished the day by putting away more files, and came home to more gaming goodness - 2 games of Epic Duels and 1 game of Transamerica with Myke, Daniel and Tri. That night I had that weird dream that I died. Very weird.

Thursday was work and my weekly meeting with AMB. All is well. That afternoon I had totally forgotten that Pride Guides had won a UCSD diversity award, so I got to go to the ceremony. T'was fun, saw Debbi and Shaun and David and lots of other keen folk. Debbi even let me take the award for my office, at least for a little while. Afterwards I came home, had a chat with Mom, played some Starcraft: Brood War, did laundry and went to bed.