February 23rd, 2004


This weekend

Friday I overslept (which is bad since it was moving day), and on the way in JV told me my team was on fire. I thought she meant that something was wrong, but it turns out that Michelle and Ebonye's office actually did smell like something was on fire. At first we thought it was the printer since we were in the middle of printing 1200 envelopes to send invitations for an event, but it turns out it was something in the air vent. Very nasty smelling, too, and Annamarie was getting pissed because everyone kept telling her to leave because she was pregnant. In general the move went pretty smoothly, so I did get to leave early, but had to head back because I needed to make copies for the two workshops I was giving at the UC system-wide LGBT conference the following day on campus. After I got home I had to take darkscydeDaniel to the airport for his trip to Vegas, and Tri came along for the ride. We talked him into going to LYC bowling with us at Mira Mesa Lanes. We had reserved 3 lanes, but only 7 people showed up (and only 6 played - Q came late and decided he wasn't in the mood), so it was a little costly for the club but we still had a great time. (Yudi is such a card when he plays, always striking a pose. Cracks me up.) Q stayed over but was feeling all knotted up so I gave him a massage. Aren't I such a good boyfriend? :D

Saturday Quincy overslept (he had duty) but still managed to make it in on time. I got up and did my first panel at the conference about queer mentor programs, which had maybe 10 people but everyone was pretty interested in forming a program on their campus. I went over to the library to work on some stuff, then after lunch did my second workshop, "Queer Geeks Unite." They had been hurting for workshop presenters so I figured I'd throw in a plug for G'con, and was surprised that they took it. Well, I expected maybe 15-20 people, right? They put me in a room that held 64, and they were sitting four deep on the floor by the time I started! Must have been over a hundred people there - w00t! Needless to say I gave out a lot of flyers for G'con, and we basically just had an open forum on manga, slash fiction, Buffy, Star Trek, and on and on and on. It was quite spirited, and everyone gave me rave reviews, so it was worth it. Afterwards I met up with Q at coffee, but we ditched dinner to go to Eugene's birthday party. We grabbed food at Round Table Pizza first, then headed over. T'was quite fun - saw Robbie and Ben (and Ming - ugh), James Nieh, Glen & Ed, some UCSD folks, and of course Eugene. It was a lot of fun, and of course there was lots of booze so Quincy was happy. :D Afterwards Robbie drug Q out to Numbers, while I headed home, packed a bag, and then came to pick him up. He was quite drunk by the time I got there, and got into a little tiff - again. {sigh} We stayed at his place.

On Sunday we met up with three of Quincy's friends who were in town from LA, and we had brunch at Bourbon Street. He didn't actually tell them he was gay or that I was his boyfriend, but after brunch at Bourbon Street I think they pretty much figured it out. :D While we were there we saw Chris and Brad, and Chris said Simon was at home. (This is important later.) Afterwards they all wanted to go shopping in Hillcrest, so we started walking around. Of course, the one day we're out shopping is the day it decides to rain, so by the time we were halfway back to the car it was pouring. Not wanting everyone else to get soaked (and following in my father's gallant footsteps), I offered to go get the car. Needless to say by the time I made it there (after going through a newspaper and a cardboard box) I was soaked, so I quick changed into the sweatpants I had worn the night before when I picked up Q, then went and picked them up and dropped them off at their hotel so they could head back. Q and I went home separately because I had some con stuff to do before the meeting, and then we met up back at David's for a good, productive meeting. Still have more guests to get, but we're getting there. Afterwards Kris, Jim, Sandra, Q and I went to dinner at Brians', and who should we run into when we walk in but Chris and Simon! So of course I ask Simon where he was at brunch - big mistake! Evidently I wasn't supposed to say anything, but no one bothered to tell me. (Hey, if you're going to cheat on your boyfriend in public, the least you can do is tell your friends not to blab!) Since Quincy was working third shift he stayed over.

Interesting Monday

My poor pinoyboytoyQ woke up this morning crying because he had a dream that I'd cheated on him. :( Poor boo. He's working nights this week so I won't see him again until Saturday.

In other news, we started unpacking at the office today. Nice digs, but I lost my printer to the receptionist and now I have to use a public one. Bah.

Then I came home and napped for a couple of hours. Now I have to go pick up darkscydeDaniel from the airport.
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