February 20th, 2004


This week

Tuesday was the first day at work for the last week in our offices. I spent the day packing for the most part. I did get the unofficial "yes" from Virginia Hey for G'con - yay! This is when we officially changed our game night to Tuesdays, so we ended up playing Aquarius and Star Wars: Epic Duels.

No clue what I did Wednesday. Packed, I suppose.

Thursday I formally invited Virginia, and she formally accepted. Since she said she wanted us to pay for her hotel, we decided to make her Media Guest of Honor. Very excited. Quincy came over for a bit, too. :D

Talked to a celebrity lately?

For $19.95 you can get an actual celebrity to call you for some special occassion at HollwoodIsCalling.com. No shit. Interesting list:

  • Andrea Thompson
  • Kato Kaelin
  • Christopher Atkins
  • John DeLancie
  • Lorenzo Lamas
  • Tim Russ
  • Virginia Hey (!)

It rawks. I want some sci-fi actor to call me, like DeLancie or Russ. I can get Ginny Hey to call me any time, now that she's coming to my con. :D
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