February 9th, 2004


This weekend

Friday night David brought over his comic collection for Quincy to wade through and pick out the ones he wanted. During this we watched Ice Age. Fortunately Robbie cancelled trying to get everyone out to Rich's again! Q stayed over my place.

Saturday Quincy got up early and went to the gym, shopping, and a baby shower. Chris Newman came over and we went to the bank to get him signed up as a signatory for the G'con bank account. After that we went right to the hotel for our first staff meeting there - w00t! Almost everyone made it, including the folks from LA. We had a productive meeting, then a tour of the hotel, and it went pretty well. Afterwards a bunch of us went to dinner at Lotus Thai, where we celebrated Janet's birthday. Afterwards Q couldn't find anyone to go to Montage with him, so he just went home while I went home and packed a bag (with a short delay while we played a round of Carcassonne since Tom was in town), then went to his house and we watched The Debut, another Flip film. I stayed over there for the night.

Q was going to study on Sunday but we ended up spending the whole day together - a nice, quite, lazy Sunday, which was so very nice with him. We had brunch at Hamburger Mary's (his favorite place to do brunch), then we went shopping at Mission Valley (where I got Set and blank Fluxx cards at the Wizards of the Coast store), then we had coffee at Urban Grind, then a quick stop at UTC (where I got Five Crowns), then back to my place and watched Clue (Quincy had never seen it), watched some of the Grammys (he was so excited Beyonce won so many), watched a neat special on prehistoric sea monsters, and then I dropped him off at his place. It was quite a pleasant day with my honeykins. :D