February 3rd, 2004


Dictionary meme from opalcat

What dictionary word is closest to you?
Give the word from the top of the list of suggestions (eliminate proper nouns).

Basically, input your name (real name or LJ name) and list the first result Merriam-Webster gives you. It's amusing.

Mine? Not surprisingly, it's "esprit," which means, "vivacious cleverness or wit," which is why I chose a derivation of it. :)

(If you want the code to put this in your own LJ, see her LJ entry.)
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More questions from persephone767!

(I swear
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(I swear <a href="<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/persephone767/285803.html?thread=935787#t935787">I saw these</a> the other day, <b>Pers</b>, but haven't had time to answer them. Thank you!)

<ol><li><b>If you could have children, would you? Biologically or by adoption, however you could end up with them.</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>I have vacillated back and forth about kids for many, many years. There are times when I absolutely want them, and there are times when I know I'm too frelling selfish to even think about it. Since I'm <i>just now</i> settling down, I think the decision, if I (or we) were to make it, is still several years off. Do I think I'd make a good parent? Yes, and so would Quincy. But I also know the level of commitment required, and I question if I would be capable of that.

And given the choice, I would <u>adopt</u>, no question. And little Asian babies are so cute! I think I'd want a little girl.</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>What would you do with $1M?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>As I wrote in a previous question, I'd pay off my debts, set up college funds for each of my nieces and nephews, make sure Mom was doing ok, buy a new car, and maybe even start looking at houses to buy, plus splurge with a new wardrobe and renewing my Annual Passport to Disneyland. I'd also give some to various charities. But the <i>absolute first</i> thing I would do is hire Tommy to be my financial advisor! :D</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>My hair is naturally auburn, but I'd kinda like to color it someday. I have a little gray, but just some strands here & there. What color do you recommend, if any, and why?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>Maroon. I like brown hair with dark maroon highlights.</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>Cats or dogs?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>I love dogs, but I'm a cat person, and I desperately miss my Bart! :(</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue facing your state today, and how would you solve it?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>The economy, and I don't think I'd solve it the way Arnold is. Maybe <u>freeze</u> spending and raise taxes a <u>little</u>, but the cutbacks he's pushing are devastating.

If I had my <i>choice</i> of problems to solve, it would probably be funding for the school systems, but then again I work in academia now. :)</blockquote></lj-cut></ol>

Thanks so much! And for everyone who has requested I ask them questions, I haven't forgotten, so keep checking back!
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More gaming happiness!

OK, so I went to UTC today to get lunch at Steak Escape (mmm... meat...), and it turns out Game Keeper is still open. They're going out of business, so I kind of thought they'd be gone by now and was surprised they were still open, so I asked and they said they might be around as long as until April. Yay! In the meantime the sales continue unabated, so I bought a few things from my game wish list at 40% off:

I'm leery of buying more games in case anyone is actually buying this stuff for me for, say, Valentine's Day ({hint hint}) or something, but I can't resist these prices - I'm hoping for a 75% off sale before they run out of the things they have left that I want! (I may need to make a daily trip to make sure, especially on a few ones that they had a good supply of - Carcassonne, Apples to Apples, Jenga, dominoes, that chess set, and Risk if the one I have back home is incomplete.) I'll keep the list updated just in case. Besides, they're already out of quite a few of those games by now (Strange Synergy, Dork Tower, Fluxx, Falling, etc., all of which I've seen there before and aren't there now), so there's ample opportunity to feed my gaming habit (which I believe I caught from thomasmMyke - I'm a games whore now, too! Damn you!).
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