February 2nd, 2004


This past weekend

Friday I had work, then the whole gang of us went out to Rich's - Robbie, Daniel, Quincy, and friends of Robbie's. Daniel got into his groove and was in his own little world, while Quincy was busy flailing around and hitting people (well, not really - he's actually a very good dancer, but we like to make fun of him anyway). Quincy's cousin James was there, but neither of them would make the effort to talk to the other, so the silence between them continues. I know it's hard on Quincy, so I'm disappointed that James wouldn't just suck it up and be a man about it. It's all so useless. Blah. We stayed at my place that night.

Saturday morning I got up and made breakfast, unfortunately running hot water while John was in the shower. Oops. Allison and I met up at the Living Room before LYC coffee, and she got the first round of invitations out - yay! After coffee we went to Hillcrest Sushi for dinner which, unbeknownst to me, changed its menu from mostly sushi to all sushi, so needless to say I didn't like it very much (even though it was deep-fried soft-shelled crab). It was quite expensive as well, so it looks like they're off the list. Afterwards we went to Bourbon Street for bingo, then once it was over I was getting bored until I ran into my co-worker, Brian, and we talked for a while, which was fun. Afterwards I ran home, packed a bag, and stayed over Q's.

Sunday I slept in while Quincy cleaned the house (it was his turn). Afterwards Q decided to skip his sectional and we went to Yudi's to watch the Superbowl (well, really for Quincy to watch Beyonce sing the national anthem). I decided to get some work done, so I got online and started looking up e-mail addresses for guests we needed to invite to G'con. Quincy'd had his fair share of alcohol, and on the way home I made a joke that he took the wrong way, culminating in him climbing into the back seat and not talking to me (Heh heh. He's such a cute li'l bugger, ain't he? :D). We went back to his place and we had a nice long "discussion" about how I feel when he gets tipsy. Afterwards we went and got coffee and watched "Queer Eye" until I had to go home. I needed to iron something for work, and talked to Daniel before bed.