January 30th, 2004


The week in review

Monday at work we watched my co-worker Alison on "The Price is Right" where she won a car and a home gym set (neither of which she wanted and ended up selling). On the way home I called Mom to see how she was doing after our conversation on Sunday, and it turns out she didn't even remember me calling her back - seems those sleeping pills make her practically drunk (thank goodness she doesn't take them often). Fortunately we were able to laugh about it, but I could tell she took it seriously. Had a productive conversation with Allison about moving forward with the guest list, which I think helped her feel that she wasn't in as deep as she thought she was and that we could do this if we worked together and did a little bit at a time. After work I got home and Yudi called, and we had a rather loud fight about him dropping the ball at the pot luck. He got very defensive, but I stuck to it and just said that if we were going to continue as a group we needed to talk about what our priorities were and what we wanted to accomplish this year. Of course it didn't help that Daniel was there egging me on... ;)

Tuesday I lost my tooth, and then went right from work to the first meeting at the hotel with the Catering rep. He was great! Very laid back, very willing to work with us. I think TK will do ok with him in getting everything together. After that I went over to Q's and we went to Jasmine for dinner (never been before - it was pretty good).

Wednesday Adam called and needed a ride home, then afterwards he came over and he, David, Myke and I played Settlers of Catan, which was pretty neat. Allison came over for a bit because we were going to discuss some con stuff, but neither of us were prepared so she just went home. Adam and I went over program book stuff afterwards. David and Myke decided to go to an SCA event on Saturday and invited Q and I to go.

Thursday at work AMB and I chatted about reimbursement stuff. Not having a reliable webmaster, I took my not-so-proficient HTML skills to task and updated the G'con web pages myself, and I think they turned out ok after all. After work I stopped at the grocery store and then stopped to get gas, and checked the G'con pages once the guy who handles the domain got them up for me. Daniel and I had a chat about me moving to Maryland with Q before I went to bed.

Free me!

Quincy is dragging me out clubbing tonight.

Could someone please find me and shoot me? I promise not to duck the laser sight.

For the love of God and all that is holy, I thank you.
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