January 23rd, 2004


The week in review - 1/20 to 1/22

Tuesday - Work, and I think I had a meeting with one of my staff members.

Wednesday - played Dork Tower with Bill & Daniel, and talked to Bill about con stuff. Juan the loser from El Paso IM'd me, and it was my nephew Spencer's birthday, so I called and gave him a weird Uncle Alan phone call as well. He's such a cutie-pie, that kid. Shame his father's such a dweeb.

Thursday - Talked to Natalie about what happened last week, and it turns out they fired her over the whole miscommunication. After work I went shopping at Wal*Mart and bought underwear and pants.

I lead such an exciting life, don't I?
Linus & Snoopy

I wish I were more of a clotheshorse...

I had trouble squeezing into 34" waist jeans last night, so I ended up buying baggier ones. And I bought a pair of kakhis for work with the stretchy, adjustable waistband - OLD MAN PANTS! Ugh.

I do need to refresh my wardrobe a bit, and not just because I'm getting old and fat. A lot of stuff just needs to be gotten rid of, some stuff needs to be updated, and I need more pants for work. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and really shirts in general I have plenty of, but I need more pants.

Pants pants pants. That's fun to say. Pants.
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