January 22nd, 2004


More randomness from the last couple of days

  • It's the Chinese new year today, so gung hay fat choy! (And for pinoyboytoy and the rest of his Flip friends, Maligayang Bagong Taon! And for udman, elamat Tahun Baru! And for montrealais, bonne année!)
  • This poignant article is a good read, and makes me think I could write a similar one about being a Navy widow.
  • Out of the blue, Juan, the Loser from El Paso, IM'd me. Oddly, he didn't actually think I'd reply, but I felt like messing with him (and Daniel helped a little). He was trying to take the high road by being all mopey and giving me puppy dog eyes, but I wasn't having any of it. I told him I've moved on, and I have, and I'm glad. I'm also glad he still feels guilty. Maybe he learned a lesson.
  • Last night Bill came over and he, Daniel and I played Dork Tower which was a lot of fun and I want to play again.
  • Natalie called this afternoon and said she lost her job because she went to the hospital last week without calling in. The whole thing reads like a comedy of errors, but she said it had a "bad vibe" and it "wasn't where she needed to be," so she's not bent out of shape about it. She is, however, more than a little worried - her parents gave her a deadline of April 1 to get a job and start supporting herself again or she's SOL.
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