January 16th, 2004


tibstanglewood's Friday Five

  1. Favorite name for a girl or boy: Bartholemew for a boy, Felicity for a girl. (Depending on whether I got a boy cat or a girl cat, those were my name choices - obviously I went with Bart. And no, I didn't choose Bartholemew because of The Simpsons, and Felicity came about from the British actress Felicity Kendall who I used to love on Good Neighbors, not because of Keri Russell's character.)

  2. Favorite cartoon as a child: The Mighty Heroes and Schoolhouse Rock.

  3. Favorite term of endearment to be called: "Ducky" by Q. :D

  4. Your most expensive vice: Travelling (and SMOFing, for that matter).

  5. Last person who made you smile: Lori at a meeting this morning. She's fun.
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Boring workday, but Vegas bound tomorrow!

OK, not too bad. Managed to snag a Rodeway Inn for $40/night but only with Q's military discount. I also got a rental car for $42 total for the weekend, so that's pretty good, too. Split the costs betwen us and it makes for a reasonable weekend getaway. Now if he only knew if he had to work tomorrow or not...

Good meeting with Allison last night - worked on the invite letter, website stuff, and talked about the guest list. She has proposed a target date of 1/24, which I'm happy with since we're already so far behind.

Rebecca and Ebonye are back in the office today, but not much to catch up with them about. Need to start working on attaching briefings to Millennium profiles, plus we had a meeting about the move this morning and we're targeting Presidents Day weekend so we have to start thinking about that (shouldn't be too bad, I think). Hopefully I'll get out of here on time to avoid too much traffic, then it's off to Yudi's for the movie. Yay!
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