January 15th, 2004


Random funny

Not sure why this sprung to mind, but I just recalled this phone conversation I had with udmanYudi a few weeks ago:

{Phone rings, I answer it}
Yudi: Hi, cocksucker.
Me: Hi, Mom.
Yudi: No, it's me, the other cocksucker.
Me: Oh. Hi, Dad.

I mean, my father was a fudgepacker at one time in his life...
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Tuesday I caught up with Annamarie at work since she's out for the rest of the week (the whole team is out Wednesday and Thursday, and half are out Friday as well, then Monday is a holiday). After work I walked in the door and Daniel pounced on me to go out to dinner, so we hit Souplantation and chatted about life n' other important stuff. Q is working noon to whenever this week, so by the time I got back and then he got back from dinner, it was too late to get together. I spent the rest of the night finishing laundry and doing stuff online.

Yesterday everybody was out, so of course I spent the day slacking and working on G'con and LYC stuff. After work I met up with Sandra at Mister Sisters and got updated on our excursions, and after that I met up with TK at David's Coffeehouse and got him on track with the hotel (we should hopefully meet with them next week). Oddly in the afternoon the hotel had serendipidously faxed me a delegate report and we're at 91 room nights out of a guaranteed 153 - w00t! I think once I meet with everyone else things will really start rocking. When I got home I called Q and we booked a rental car for this weekend.

Few notes on today:

  • Thinking about Dad today. Kinda sad.
  • The new all white meat chicken McNuggets are actually good. I had sworn off them years ago because they were nasty and usually only got nuggets at Wendy's, but these are just as good. Yay!
  • Afterwards I had a Heath Bar. They r0xx0rs.
  • Meeting and dinner with Allison tonight. She has the most to do, I think - send out the invite letters, populate the rate-a-panel so we can get it live on the website, start fleshing out a schedule - but hopefully I can help her focus on what needs to get done (and help her out if necessary).
  • Travelocity sucks at making hotel reservations - one minute they have all the rates, the next they have no rates listed at all. Very frustrating.

Tomorrow night we're watching Rice and Potatoes at Yudi's with LYC, and then Saturday we're off to Vegas. Quincy hasn't told his sister (this one is the lesser of the two evil sisters he has) that I'm coming - he wants it to be a "surprise." Oy. Can't wait to see how this plays out.
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