January 12th, 2004


This past weekend, today, and the next few days...

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Today Annamarie wasn't in. Evidently she was supposed to get an amnio. She did indeed call this morning and tell me she was pregnant, but I had gathered she was either pregnant or trying to get pregnant from the amount of time she'd been spending at doctor appointments (and since I handle her calendar, it was kind of hard to miss, but she wasn't being specific and I wasn't being nosy). She'd told everyone officially on Friday, but I was out sick. Turns out she's had a couple miscarriages, plus she's over 35, so obviously there is caution and concern, but I suppose things are going ok for now at least. I went food shopping at lunch, and got on a G'con tear and did a lot of follow-up e-mails to motivate folks (only 87 days to go!). After work I stopped and got what will likely be my last UCSD parking permit ever since we move to our new, off-campus offices in mid-February, then home to finally finish my laundry, watch a couple episodes of Family Guy during dinner, and make a new LJ icon (although at some point I am expected to join darkscydeDaniel for another rousing ass-whuppin' [mine, not his] playing Halo on his Xbox).

A most excellent surprise awaited me in the mail - a pair of hand-knitted slippers from sistercoyote! She mentioned in her LiveJournal in the beginning of December that she found a neat pattern for cute li'l slippers, so I half-jokingly asked for a pair - and she did them! Bless her heart! They look like this and she used this color yarn. They are just femme enough that I do adore them. Plus she even knitted me a very nice lightweight scarf in the same color! And it goes PERFECT with the jacket I use the most. Thank you so much! :D Sadly, I have two outstanding eBay orders - one for a Linus figurine and one for a Sleepy figurine - that seemed to have gotten lost in the mail. This is the first time it's ever happened to me, and although the person who sold me the Linus one said she would be willing to send me another one, the Sleepy one was a non-power eBay seller and she had just the one. Drat. Very miffed about that, and unsure if I should leave positive, negative or neutral feedback for them.

So for the rest of the week I hope to be busy meeting with all my staff, starting with Sandra and TK on Wednesday. The website needs to be updated, the author invite letters DESPERATELY need to go out, the rate-a-panel needs to go live, and on and on and on. Much to do. And thanks to Q for being so patient and understanding. :D

And then, on top of that, Q's sister has invited us to Las Vegas this weekend, and Q wants to go. That would be a LOT of fun! :D

Oh, and the SDMB has been updated to new software. I'm going to wait to see how they tweak it before making comments. I'm just glad they take us seriously enough to warrant new software from time to time.
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