January 7th, 2004


Welcome robbie7577

Welcome my friend Robbie to LiveJournal! If you like cute li'l Flips with a heart of gold but an icy stare that could melt cement, that is... ;)

Hi Bobet! :D
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Last couple of days and a general update

Since the glorious 12 days are over I should get back into the habit of updating on my life on a regular basis, so here goes...

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Tomorrow is work, deal with Annamarie coming back, and the LYC EC meeting to decide on our next events and talk about what's going to happen with the group for 2004. Ugh. Should be interesting, I'm sure. Friday night I'll stay over Q's because he has work Saturday, and then Kris and Darrel are hosting a San Diego fandom party at their place Saturday afternoon. Afterwards we'll probably do coffee and dinner, and no plans yet for Sunday (I think).

Meanwhile I'm fighting a sore throat and I have a stuffy nose. I hope I don't get sick again. Bleargh. :( And lots of other stuff I've been thinking about since I got home - my commitments here (LYC, Westercon, Conjecture, etc.), where I'm going to end up living by the end of the year, the looming presence of Gaylaxicon (a mere 3 months to go and we still haven't even gotten our author invitations out - AAAAAAAAAAAH!), of course my family and what I can do for them, finances (or lack thereof), work, moving offices in February, etc. I think I just need to concentrate on G'con for now and let the rest take care of itself (even the move wouldn't happen until well after that, as I can't plan both at the same time). As I keep telling my mother, just one day at a time...
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