December 3rd, 2003


And now, a joeyhemlock meme

"List 10 things (or five, if you're lazy) that make you smile. These should be generic and not involve specific people so others can bask in your glory. "Having my nostrils licked by my lover" is acceptable; "Having Vic Tayback lick my nostrils" is not, even if you're sleeping with him (which, ewwww, because he's dead and all). Feel free to mention people in context of their work/art, though, i.e. "A Bon Jovi song" or "Ralph Nader's Gonads". Let's pretend like that made sense."

  1. Quincy (breaks the rules of the meme, but I don't care)
  2. A cup of hot cinnamon tea
  3. Thinking of my nieces and nephews
  4. Bart and other, less important kitties
  5. Snuggling in for the night under the covers
  6. Waking up in the morning and not having to get up right away
  7. Going to Disneyland
  8. Text messages on my phone
  9. Sleepy
  10. Beautiful, warm, sunny days in San Diego

Now I'm all smiley. :) <-- See?
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(no subject)

So Monday after work I did laundry and other boring household type stuff. While perusing the Straight Dope Message Boards, which I do daily and have been for coming up on 4 years now, I was reminded they have a "no flaming" rule in their Great Debates forum, so, being the witty one that I am, I posted a thread joking about their blatant homophobia in the forum reserved for complaints about the board itself. Unfortunately, I ran afoul of the "no joke threads" rule, and even though I immediately contacted an administrator to either delete, lock or move the thread, another administrator jumped in and decided to suspend my account for a week, as that's what she'd done to another poster just one day earlier. A rather lengthy discussion can be found here in sdmb. Bleargh. It's my favorite place to post and peruse, and a week without (especially considering I think it's pretty unfair) is depressing.

Tuesday was another brilliant day at work (got motivated and got some important stuff done). Q and I decided to grab dinner and start our Christmas shopping. On my way out the door Mom called to vent and cry a little, but I think I gave her some good suggestions to help alleviate the situation (he's a little goofy from the drugs, he's tired, he needs to be reminded of life outside the hospital, she needs to ask for help, etc.) I think it left her feeling better. So I met up with Q at Fashion Valley, we got food, and then we went to Build-A-Bear so he could build himself as a bear for his niece. It was so much fun! We got the corpse (Q picked Bearemy, who he renamed "L'il Q"), Q recorded a message, we stuffed it with love, friendship, happiness and hugs & kisses, stuck in a heart, stitched it up, and dressed it in Navy whites (including tighty whities)! It was just the cutest darn thing ever (yeah, expensive too). Afterwards we got Cinnabon, went back to his place and listened to the CD of the Margaret Cho concert we just went to see.

Today is work, and I'm assuming gaming tonight.

Lots of stuff coming up - That "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" play, Myke's church production of "A Christmas Carol," Q's chorus concert, December Nights on the Prado, yadda yadda yadda, plus I need to get my plane ticket home and we want to get up to Disneyland before his pass expires. Q and I need to coordinate our calendars!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Wil Wheaton looks like such a fanboy. He looks about 22 and was walking around in jeans, a geeky t-shirt and a backpack. It amused me. :)
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