November 29th, 2003

Linus & Snoopy

Thanksgiving, Margaret Cho and Loscon

Thanksgiving was great. I got up around 10, called Mom first thing, got her tips on cooking the turkey and making the gravy, and got to work. Q helped me finish thawing the bird (and taking out the nasty innards - yech), I stuffed it, seasoned it, and finally got it in the oven around 1:20. Q ate the neck, heart, liver and gizzard for lunch - bleargh! After four hours it was more than done, and we ate around 6:00 or so. Myke made string beans and sweet potatoes, David brought stuffing (but unfortunately couldn't stay to eat), Quincy brought a pumpkin pie and a strawberry and rhubarb pie, Daniel made potatoes au gratin, and we were joined by John, Daniel's friend Richard, and Ben. I kicked ass carving the turkey, but unfortunately I didn't leave enough water in the pan so the gravy came out a bit burned, but Daniel managed to save it with salt, pepper and some beef stock. Afterwards we watched Tank Girl, which is always fun. :D

Friday morning Q got up early and had to head home to pick some stuff up, so I slept in. Finally got up, had breakfast, Q and David came over, we packed the car and headed off to see Margaret Cho's "Revolution" tour in Long Beach. She kicked ass! Great warm-up act, too. Much fun and hilarity - I thought Quincy was going to jump out of his seat several times. He was in pain from laughing so much. From there we went straight to the Burbank Airport Hilton for Loscon, hopped around to a few parties, and went to bed.

Got up this morning, had breakfast, and I'm right now sitting at the fan table for Gaylaxicon. Later tonight we'll do a food run, grab dinner and throw the party. Tomorrow we'll get up, check out, and I may sit at the fan table for a few hours.

I'm a little more excited about Gaylaxicon. Although Chris, Mark, John nor Shaun are here, I saw Sheri and Janet and they are very much on target for the Art Show, Kris had all the paperwork ready for the Dealers Room and has spent much of today schmoozing with some of the dealers, and once this weekend is over Allison has promised me she will concentrate on getting the author invite letters out and getting the rate-a-panel up on the website.

Now we just need more members. :D

Oh, and I have a nifty new icon. Thanks, Q!
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