November 27th, 2003


The past few days

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Today I actually felt a little worse than yesterday (now that my head has started to get all stuffy), but I decided to head into work anyway since I knew everyone was leaving work early. I did get some stuff done, but the office was completely dead between people out for the day or taking off as soon as they could. I did manage to get a Chancellor's Run polo shirt, 'cause Kyra had extra. When I get back next week I'm going to have to finish up my "12 Days of UCSD" and start recruiting people to help me do it for the holiday party. I left around 1:00, came home, sent out the LYC weekly e-mail, looked up turkey recipies online (looks like I'll still need to call Mom for advice, 'cause everyone does it a little differently, but she's never failed to make a great turkey), watched a little TV, Daniel brought his friend Richard over to play his new Xbox, got a snippy e-mail from the previous LYC webmaster who is insisting I get the website updated ('cause, you know, I'm so slacking with running LYC - whatever!), drank lots of tea, and sucked lots of cough drops. Lynda called and said Dad came through the surgery fine, and they spent about an hour talking with his doctor afterwards to find out what to expect going forward, so it may take some time, but we're hoping this is going to be a big positive turning point in his recouperation. Quincy had rehearsal tonight and was going to color some pictures, which is fine since I need to get my ass to bed.

So tomorrow I get up early, call Mom, cook the turkey and stuff myself silly. No plans Friday, but Q and I will leave late afternoon with David to go see Margaret Cho, then head up to Loscon. I checked my finances and should be able to make it through the weekend until payday, but I really need to keep tabs on things next month (as usual). Ugh.
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