November 18th, 2003


Random stuff regarding today

  • I forgot to mention that Yudi drooled on me at coffee on Saturday night while he was trying to pinch my nipples (which I hate). He's a freak.

  • Stayed in last night, did some laundry and watched some TV, went to bed late.

  • There was supposed to be an Umbrella Group lunch today but they changed from Tuesdays to Fridays without telling me. I ended up finding Debbi at the Women's Center (the LGBT Center had a water leak and is being fixed) and we just hung out and ate lunch together. She's a doll.

  • Originally Q and Yudi had talked about doing karaoke tonight, but then Yudi said he wanted to stay home and rehearse tonight and go to Bacchus House tomorrow night after rehearsal, so Q and I are just going to do something else. Maybe we'll watch a movie or something.

  • Daniel is coming over tomorrow night for gaming and we're going to talk about the move, which will be next Tuesday.

  • Q has those tickets to Knott's Berry Farm, but there's also a play he wants to see at Diversionary Theatre called Another American: Asking And Telling, and the LGBT RC is selling discount tickets for the Sunday matinee.

Talked to Yudi today about my reguarly weekly schedule with Quincy:

  • Monday - Home night, spent alone
  • Tuesday - Our weeknight date night
  • Wednesday - Q has rehearsal and we do gaming
  • Thursday - Q's night out with his cousin James, and I stay home
  • Friday to Sunday - We usually spend the weekend with each other, alternating between each others' places and varying what we do (although if we're in town and don't have any specific plans for the day we always do LYC coffee and dinner on Saturday night)

That's a lot of time we spend together. I need to be mindful of my other responsibilities, i.e., stuff I need to do around the house, other friends, Gaylaxicon, LYC, time alone, etc. So far it's working out ok, though.
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A nice Tuesday night out

Well that was nice. Q and I had dinner at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and then had coffee and browsed around Barnes & Noble for a while. He was tired, so he just dropped me off.

And don't you hate it when someone's tired or something like that but it feels like they're upset or mad at you or thinking about something important but they won't tell you what it is and then you pester them until they actually do get mad at you but not at anything they were mad about before but the fact that you kept pestering them about being mad when they weren't really mad until they actually get mad at the pestering part? Man, I hate that! :D
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