November 17th, 2003


An extraordinarily fabulous weekend!

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Today it's back to work, not much going on. May do more laundry tonight. Tomorrow I have an LGBT staff lunch, and I think tomorrow we're going to sing karaoke with Yudi. Wednesday is the LGBT Resource Center anniversary after work, so I'll probably stop in there for a bit. Thursday I have a training class in the morning. Friday we have our Development retreat over lunch. Q got free passes to Knott's Berry Farm, so we may go there this weekend. (We were thinking of heading to Disneyland, but I don't have enough for an annual passport at the moment - maybe after Dec. 1.) I also have a G'con staff meeting Sunday, and I need to meet with folks this week to get ready for it.

So, busy week, but what else is new? Ugh.
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