November 14th, 2003



Interesting things from today, then I'm off:'

* I had a meeting yesterday but I thought it was today. Ugh. :(

* I did go to the CAC meeting today, which I haven't in a few months.

* Carol Spencer made me a job offer. Her AA is leaving and she's trying to woo me into the position. I'm going to meet with her, but I don't think so.

* Accident on I-15 today, and everything was backed up. I got my hair cut and decided to stay in the area instead of fighting traffic to get home only to turn around and come back to the same area to have dinner with Myke, John, Travis and Tara for Myke's birthday at Via Italia.

Theater tomorrow night and Saturday night. I might even have a handle on my finances, although I think I'm going to be poor until payday.
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Random updates

  • I am learning how to do bullet lists in HTML.

  • I spoke with Eugene last night and he told me not only did GAMNET move their event from Dec. 6 to Dec. 13 because that was our original target date for our event (which we may end up moving to January anyway), but some disgruntled GAMNETers are talking about going off and forming another GAM group in San Diego. Lovely, but Eugene and I will both believe it when we see it.

  • We had our team meeting today and my teammates are doing a presentation to all of ER talking about what we do (or, more specifically, what we don't do), as some people have some misconceptions about us. It involves costumes and humor. I will be amused to watch, as I am not part of the presentation.

  • Yudi told someone that he was involved with LYC, and they asked him how his 60-year-old lover was. He's feeling really uncomfortable being labelled with LYC's reputation, so much so that he may not run for the Board next year. I told him we needed people like him who weren't stereotypical potato queens (and white boys who weren't stereotypical rice queens) to be involved, and that, in time, would change our reputation. He's not buying it, and frankly I'm a little surprised that he cares so much about what other people think of him. Oh, well. It's his decision to make.

  • Just got an e-mail from the VC that our office is moving off-campus. Moving sucks, as I really like our office (overlooks the ocean, lots of parking, just generally a very pleasant place to work), but the plus side is that we'll have more room, and, importantly, we won't have to pay $66 a month for parking! That's a plus, but still... argh. This will happen after the new year.

Upcoming stuff:
  1. Show tonight (missing gaming, if there is any), coffee and show tomorrow, and maybe Disneyland Sunday, if I can afford it.

  2. Gaylaxicon staff meeting next Sunday.

  3. Gotta get ready for Thanksgiving, then Margaret Cho and Loscon that weekend.

  4. Fortunately not much planned for December except heading home for the holiday.

Why am I sad today? :(
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