November 12th, 2003


My trip home

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So, essentially, a good visit home. Dad's not getting any worse, but also isn't getting significantly better, either. It's a waiting game - he needs to get better (by building up his strength and stamina) to get better (the fistula healing itself without the need of surgery). In the meantime he's being taken care of well, even if he's frustrated at being in the hospital (likely for a few more weeks, if not months, still). Mom's coping, although she also has her good days and bad days. Susan's picking up some slack, and Lynda does her best. Plus I got to see the Medians et al, which is always good.

Yesterday Q got up early, but he let me sleep until about 11:30. After trying to figure out what to do, we finally settled on shopping, so we went to North County Fair where I spent way too much money on work shirts (but I really do need them). Did I mention Q has exquisite taste (at least in clothes)? I'm gonna look fab. :D Unfortunately, right as we got there I checked my Visor and discovered I was supposed to be at a haircut in 15 minutes, so I called and rescheduled for Thursday (Liz sounded kinda peeved, but it was an accident, as I thought my appointment was on Thursday and I couldn't understand whoever called with the reminder because of a bad connection). We ate, walked around, compared prices at different photo studios (he wants to get Christmas cards made of us), and stopped at Von's on the way home for some cinnamon buns for dessert.

Today it's back to work, with 150 e-mails waiting for me. Blah day. It actually rained significantly overnight.

Looks like no gaming tonight, as Myke and Daniel both have plans. Daniel may still come over to talk about moving in temporarily since he will be homeless on December 1. Mom called and said Dad had a bad day...

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Tomorrow night I have my rescheduled haircut. Friday night will probably be rescheduled gaming, although we have a theater night scheduled for LYC. Quincy talked about going to Disneyland on Saturday, but Yudi said soemthing about Chris and Simon buying us all theater tickets, plus I'd like to go to coffee. No plans for Sunday, but maybe that'll be Disneyland. I really need to get a handle on my schedule and my finances for the rest of the month - Disneyland, Loscon, Margaret Cho, Thanksgiving... so much going on.
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