November 4th, 2003


Some good news, this weekend, and the rest of this week

Mom said that the idea put forward that Dad might need to go into a home was premature. Dr. Ayers said he's headed for skilled nursing when he's able, and they've been having a psychiatrist come in to visit him and whatever drugs they put him on have been working, so Ayers told the social worker to back off. Still, his physical problems haven't improved, but at least they haven't gotten any worse.

This past weekend was a blast. Collapse )

Work yesterday, vegged last night, and work today, trying to get some stuff done before I leave this weekend. I had lunch with Yudi this afternoon and picked up Finding Nemo, which was released today. Tonight Q and I are off to LYC movie night. Ben's taking me to the airport on Thursday afternoon, then Natalie's picking me up, and then I get to spend some time at home. Yay! :)
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