October 31st, 2003


Happy Halloween!

Well Myke and John's neat-o keen sewing machine went on the fritz on me last night (the bobbin mechanism is out of alignment, from what we can tell), so I hauled out the trust old straight-stitch Singer I borrowed from Peppe two years ago and, sure enough, it did everything quick and efficient. I was still up until 2:00 a.m. though, and I still have some hand stitching to do before tonight, so I'm leaving today at 2:30 to get some stuff done.

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Oh, are you're wondering what my costume is? Well today I'm dressed in black pants and shoes, a white Victorian silk shirt with cravat, a black crushed velvet hooded cape, with a golden skull-topped black cane and a black, white, gold and red Carnivale mask! Very unusual, everyone loves it.

And tonight? Well, since Quincy is getting dressed up as J. Lo, it seemed appropriate for me to dress like Ben, right? But I couldn't find a Daredevil costume, and a blind guy wouldn't have been obvious enough, and he doesn't have any defining characteristics or styles I could emulate.

So I'm going as a duck.


'Cause then we'd be J. Lo and...


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