October 20th, 2003


Weird dream...

Wanted to write down a weird dream I had last week (I think it was Friday morning).

For some reason John needed me to drive him to the trolley so he could go to jury duty. I thought he just needed me to drop him off at Hazard Center, but while we were on the road he said he needed to be taken downtown, but not to the courthouse, just to a trolley stop. Then (in typical dream-like fashion) the roads were all covered in gray dust, like a volcano had exploded. We came to an intersection with three or four bridges, and we had to cross one of them, but there was all this road construction going on and it wasn't clear which bridge was open. So I stopped the car to get out to ask. When I got back to the car, John had gotten out of the car and he was out asking, too, but a friend of John's (not an actual friend, I didn't recognize him in the dream nor do I in real life) was in the car, so he and I started talking. Then suddenly my parking brake gave way, and even though we were on a level surface, my car started speeding backwards.

Then I woke up.

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No change over the weekend, and Mom was waiting to talk to a doctor - any doctor - today, as they seemed to be scarce this morning. So nothing new to report as far as a diagnosis/prognosis goes. I did talk to him on the phone, though, and I could barely hear him - he sounded so weak and tired. :(
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Lynda just called. Dad was having trouble breathing when they checked on him around 8 or 9 tonight, so they put him in ICU on a respirator. They said he fought them all the way - he did NOT want that tube in him.

Now out of nowhere they're saying it might be cancer again. WTF? It would explain his weight loss and all these latest developments.

The doctor will look at him in the morning. Evidently this doesn't warrant someone looking at him NOW. Fucking doctors.

May be going home much sooner than I thought.
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