October 17th, 2003


It's going to be a busy weekend...

Tomorrow night QuincyQuincy and YudiYudi want to go to Top of the Park, or possibly go sing karaoke with Flora.

Saturday morning bright and early we're going Halloween drag shopping for Yudi and DanielDaniel, then Yudi is taking off to a rehearsal, and then when that's finished it's off to LYC coffee and dinner, and then whatever Q wants to do afterwards.

Sunday morning bright and early it looks like I'll meet T'Ger at Black's Beach, then head off to the Conjecture wrap-up meeting at 1:00, then off to the LYC pot luck at 4:00.

Whew! Thank goodness next weekend MykeMyke and JohnJohn are going camping and Quincy and Yudi will be off at a SDGMC retreat in Palm Springs! I can finally get around to doing some stuff for me, like stain and put together those shelves I got weeks ago.

OK, off to bed. At least AMB is out tomorrow so I get a little downtime at work (like today when I paid my bills and bought stuff online!)...
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