October 9th, 2003


Best. Boyfriend. EVAH!

So I go to Quincy's after work yesterday, put on a tie, drive down to the bay, and he picks up tickets for... a Harbor dinner cruise! :D

Picture while boarding, champagne as we stepped onboard, bottle of champagne (well, sparkling cider) at the table (he got the special event package deal), salad, steak dinner for me and chicken for him, wonderful chocolate mousse dessert, then dancing downstairs (horrible DJ, but we did a slow dance together), then topside for some fresh air. Went under the Coronado Bridge twice, which was keen (for some reason I really like that bridge), had a wonderful view of the San Diego skyline and Coronado Island, and even caught the fireworks (from behind) going off for Seaport Village.

How great is that?

THEN, just to make me mad at him for spending too much money on him with just the dinner, we go back to his place where he gives me not one, not two, but all three DVD season box sets of Babylon 5!

Best. Boyfriend. EVAH! :D

This was all after a couple of nice days leading up to my birthday. Tuesday night we went to see "Naked Boys Singing!" at the Sprekels. Yesterday I got lots of phone calls (evil sister, good sister, Mom and Dad [he's home, happy, and doing well, finally], Glenn, Yudi, Darrel, Jim), some e-mails (Stanton, Pamela), a co-worker (Nancy) got me a beautiful arrangement of flowers, which then reminded my team that it was my birthday, so they went out at lunchtime and got me a chocolate cake (which I forgot to take with me when I left - aaah!). T'was all nice.

Still want to update on the last couple of weeks and Conjecture, but I'll get around to that soon enough.
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