September 19th, 2003


A much-needed update

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Tonight it's off to ben_raccoonBen's for his birthday (Happy 20th, coon boy!) to do some gaming, and then I'll stay over Q's (he's off to Top of the Park and Bourbon Street with the boys tonight). Oh, and it's David Mills' birthday, too.

Tomorrow I have to meet Yudi early to pick up the van, then LYC is off to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the day (my first time). Sunday is blissfully empty of things to do, so I plan to sleep in and be a bum. :D

Other stuff:

* Staff BEO meeting at the hotel Monday. Conjecture's in two weeks!

* Dad is still in skilled nursing, but doing ok

* Grandmom got sent home and was driving everyone crazy because she wouldn't stop talking. Mom wants to put her in assisted living.

* I love Quincy. :D
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