September 11th, 2003


Coppercon wrap-up

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Today has been a busy day at work, but getting a lot accomplished (my boss leaves Monday for a 3-day trip in the bay area, so we're prepping everything). Q said he has something to talk to me about - maybe he got his orders? (He changed his second choice to Camp Pendleton, which would be farther than here, but still in the San Diego area - it's a mixed bag, but I could live with it.)

My sister called with an update on Dad. He's been moved to the skilled nursing unit, which is the last place they send you before they send you home - yay! He could head home early next week. But the best news? He's eating solid food! Yippee! Looks like the surgery worked and he's starting to get back to his old self again.

On the down side, both my great-aunt, Ethel, and my grandmother have been admitted to the same hospital Dad's in - Ethel with pneumonia on Saturday, Grandmom with bronchitis this morning (although there's question as to how much she's faking to get attention, but whatever). At least they're all in the same place, which also means Mom has other family members to keep her company, as she's not been doing good at taking care of herself during all this.

Tonight is a meeting with the hotel to go over the BEO's, then it's an LYC movie night which hopefully I'll be able to make. This weekend is pretty free except for a Conjecture meeting Sunday and LYC coffee and dinner Saturday. Q needs to study for a test, so I'll probably just go over and spend the night when he wants me to.

Other Miscellaneous stuff:

* There was no PR at Worldcon, and I didn't care for John D's excuse. Not sure what to do, although I plan to publish the PR on my own.

*Mom said Bart is doing ok again.

* I need to get home, especially since we're not doing WDW in November now.

* My friend Oliver called me out of the blue and said he might be coming down to go to Disneyland in October, so that could be my excuse to head up again. Time to renew that passport...

* Conjecture's in 3 weeks! AAAAAAAH!
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