August 26th, 2003


This ought to surprise no one

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You've got the energy level of a small yip-yap dog. And, much like those dogs, I hope you get run over by an ice cream truck. Yeah, that's right. I said it.

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Could be worse - I could be Caleb, who was also once accused of being a "yipping chihuahua" at land grab one year.
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Yesterday - underwear, an update on Dad, a sad little Q, homeless Yudi and laundry

Had a little fun yesterday at lunch. Headed down to Target to pick up a few necessities, including boxer briefs! I think these will work out, although I'm going to try a different brand with a slightly different cut. Woo hoo! (And Q approves.) I also bought a pair of neat black pajama pants with red dragons on sale - good for kicking around the house and for Pennsic. I still need to get some vinegar to clean out my teapot - hard water deposits are yucky. Bleh!

Caught up with Mom after work, and Dad's surgery is now pushed back to Wednesday. However, now they're talking about doing some kind of test today, but we weren't sure if it was an upper GI scope or scan. Scope I can understand, but the reason they wanted to do the exploratory surgery in the first place was that they couldn't do the scan because either there was too much barium still left in him from the last test, or he couldn't keep down the stuff he was supposed to drink for this test (which one would think would also be barium, but perhaps it's just in the wrong part of his body). His surgeon also said he wanted to remove some of his lower intestines that was causing his stomach to distend, which would also help in case that was what sometimes would twist or stick together. Much confusion, which Mom is going to (hopefully) clear up today. I'll give Dad a call and see how he's doing. Oddly, Mom said she ran into Lee in the hospital, which is cool. (He's coming out for Conjecture in October and Gaylaxicon in April - woo hoo! I'll have to start up a PayPal donation fund for nazcr to get her out here, too.)

So after checking some e-mail, making dinner and watching a little of VH1's "I love the 70's," I got the Gaylaxicon stuff together to take over to Sandra's. While I was getting ready to go, Q text messaged me saying he was going to bed - at 8:30! Obviously something was wrong, so I headed down to Sandra's, dropped off the stuff, met her chinchillas, and then got to Q's. Poor thing was so down! But we talked it out a little, and hopefully I helped to make him feel better and maybe see things a little differently.

And speaking of depressed, if Yudi doesn't get the keys to the house today, it's likely the seller is going to pull out of the deal (with his $2K deposit no less) as the terms deadline was yesterday. It amazes me that such a huge deal has basically come down to a coin toss because the number-crunchers didn't get their butts in gear to make this happen on time. It's sad. So whatever happens, we're going to go out this week to either celebrate or get stinking drunk - we'll see what happens later today.

Tonight it's laundry, tomorrow it's gaming, Thursday I get my haircut, at some point I need to go shopping, and then the LONG WEEKEND (with only one thing planned)!
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