August 1st, 2003


Last update for a while...

Being out two days sick before you leave on a two-week vacation SUCKS.

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This week's been weird. Stayed in Monday and did laundry, Tuesday night went out to dinner with Tom, Myke and John, only to feel a little queasy during dinner that turned into full-blown flu, which kept me out of work Wednesday and Thursday. Not only did I have a LOT of things to do at work before I left, but I didn't get any laundry or packing done because I was too sick. :( Bleargh. Q did stop in to comfort me, and tonight he's staying over to take me to the airport tomorrow, where Celeb will pick me up and I can forget my troubles at magical Pennsic once again this year. I will, of course, miss everyone terribly, especially Q. :(

So, that said, I won't be doing any more updates for a while, but I'll update (hopefully with pictures) upon my return. Buh-bye!
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