July 24th, 2003


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I suppose I ought to expound on Tuesday night's wonderment, but I won't. :D Suffice it to say I made Quincy a nice dinner and that without a doubt we're a couple and likely will be for a long time.

Yesterday I stopped by to see Adam after work and we created the two Gaylaxicon banners and Long Yang Club banner I'm going to need for Pride this weekend. Afterwards he and Rebecca actually came over gaming, which of course is one of the few Wednesday nights I had to miss it. :( Instead, I went to see Q's concert with the San Diego Men's Chorus (along with the women's chorus, gay men's chorus, and a group called In aChord, which was quite good). Highlights of the night were the women doing a song called "Creeping Lesbians," and the men's chorus doing "Men In Tights" (and, of course, Q was one of the merry men in tights - w00t!). Afterwards we hit City Deli for food, and when I checked the con's mailbox I got another letter from the con's stalker. Ugh.

Today I totally forgot that I had to speak about the wonders of mentorship at the Career Connection recognition lunch, but I pulled it together and was told I gave the best short speech of them all. (Everyone said they were nervous about talking in front of groups, and I was like, "Jeez, you can't shut me up in front of a group of people!") Afterwards I picked up the finished banners (keen!), and tonight I have to get all the LYC stuff over to Pat's, and then we're going to stuff lucky red envelopes with candy to give away (last year was fortune cookies).

Tomorrow AMB is out, so I'm hoping to duck out early if at all possible. I'll get together the stuff we need for G'con and get it all over to Bill's. At this point we have a Starfleet officer, a wizard and a king, and hopefully I'm going to be able to get someone to drive the car {coughcoughadventdragoncough} and if Vince agrees to do Robin I'll get Q to don my Batman costume. Afterwards I have no idea what I'm going to do - Q is going on a Pride boat cruise with his cousin, so depending on what time I finish with Bill I'll figure out what to do - probably end up hanging with Daniel, if he's available.

Then Saturday and Sunday is a whirlwind - pick up the car, check in, get inspected, decorate, costume, march, work the booth, crash, work the other booth, crash... ugh. Complicating matters is my Pennsic buddy Celeb said he's going to be in town, which is GREAT, but having friends in during a Pride I'm working (let alone two booths) I found out last year is too much of a stretch for me. Still, he'll be mobile and not dependent on me, so we can probably just catch time whenever we can. Playing it by ear works for me.

Somehow, I will survive this weekend, and I'll probably have a lot of fun, too. :)
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