July 22nd, 2003


A most incredible weekend

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So yesterday was work, and since Q had choir practice I just did laundry and caught up on e-mail and stuff. Bobbie left early this morning (didn't get a chance to say goodbye, unfortunately), and after work I'm supposed to (finally) go pick up the ceramics we painted like a month ago. Tonight I'm planning on making dinner for Q and then maybe we'll fuck like rabid weasels in heat. :D

Tomorrow night is Q's concert with the San Diego Men's Chorus, and then Thursday night I need to meet up with Yudi and Peter to get ready for the LYC booth at Pride.

At some point I need to hook up with Bill to make sure we're set for the G'con booth (probably Friday), plus I want to spend time with both Yudi and Daniel (who's been having a rough week, I'm sure) before I take off next week for Pennsic.

And, of course, this weekend is Pride, which I'm stressing over. I only have 3 definites to march, and that's not much of a contingent. Plus I have to get the banners from Adam.

After this past weekend and what I know is coming this weekend, Pennsic never looked so good (although I'm not looking forward to two weeks without Quincy).
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