July 11th, 2003

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On queer music

jkusters and I were talking about some old queer musical favorites, namely Romanovsky & Phillips and Lynn Lavner, both extremely popular when I was A College Queer Activist. It seems R&P's music label, Fresh Fruit records, is out of business, and John got an e-mail from Paul Phillips directly saying that they're no longer performing, nor pressing any more copies of their existing albums, so whatever is out there is out there. Lynn Lavner, much to my surprise, is still touring, although it looks like not recording. (She once gave me permission to score a choral arrangement of "Such Fine Young Men," but I never got around to it.)

John did dig up a site for Lynn's work - http://www.geocities.com/llavner/ - that I'll have to figure out how to add to my Amazon.com wish list! :D I have all four of her albums on vinyl, but I'd love to get what she has on CD, and maybe the two tapes and burn them to CD. I even have a vinyl copy of a musical review she wrote very early in her career, "Ladies Don't Spit And Holler." Quite amusing stuff.

A little prelimniary digging shows that at least the last 3 R&P albums are still available around, including on Barnes & Noble. I doubt their first couple of albums ever made it to CD, but I could probably find them on tape. Hmmm. Time for some more digging. Now if I only had more money... :(
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Ghosts of El Paso

Well, lo and behold, even after hanging up on him and telling him I had nothing more to say to him 4 months ago (4 months seems to be his standard time between bouts of contact), I got an e-mail today from Juan, the loser from El Paso, begging forgiveness.

Oh, and coincidentally, he'll be in town later this month. Shocking!

You know, I can believe he intentionally fucked me over because he didn't want me to get close to him (as he was getting close to me), because people are just that fucked up. But understanding doesn't mean automatic forgiveness.

At least I got my money back.
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