July 6th, 2003


More SDMB madness

Just got asked why I'm not going to participate in the Stunning Sodomites of the SDMB page (as I mentioned in this thread). I guess not everyone realizes that Mockingbird is a psycho yet. Since I've asked him never to contact me again because of the last frothing fit he aimed at me (which started when he went psycho on Duck Duck Goose and ended in some invective thrown at me in e-mail), I'm not particularly interested in any enterprise he's running. And, interestingly, he's "disappointed" I'm not going to join in.

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Big sigh...

Was listening to the new Celine Dion song* on the way home, "Have You Ever Been In Love." And who do I start thinking about? Tam. Christ. After 5 years you'd think I'd start getting over him...

*Yeah, yeah, she's the antichrist, she and Martha Stewart are bringing down the fall of western civilization, blah blah blah - I still like some of her stuff. So sue me.
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    "Have You Ever Been In Love," Celine Dion