June 19th, 2003


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The stroll Tuesday night was fun. Started off at Belmont Park, walked north along the beach on Ocean Front Walk through Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, just past the hotel at Crystal Pier (here's a map). All told about 3 hours up and back, and my feet were hurting. There were 7 us - quite fun.

Last night was gaming, and thomasm and jkusters's Polycon friend Melinda was down and joined us, along with ben_raccoon and brahma_minotaur. Actually got Ben away from the PS2 for a game of CE, then a round of Grave Robbers from Outer Space. Did laundry simultaneously. Melinda stayed over.

Myke took the day off today, so he and John are off doing fun things I'm sure before John starts back to work on Monday. Me, I'm at work. Low-stress day, but plenty of work to do - fiscal year-end is coming up at the end of next week.

Tonight is the LYC EC meeting (we're wondering if Paul got the letter yet), and tomorrow I may go over Ben's and watch "Queen of the Damned" (which I haven't seen yet) and take a dip in the hot tub. :D

Saturday I pick up the ceramics, and go to coffee and dinner. Sunday is the Pride Guides car wash and Gaylaxicon meeting.

I have nothing on my calendar next week - w00t!

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Yay! More friends!

Everybody say hi and welcome to bigbearok! He's an SCA friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma, but I've seen him several times at Pennsic. Big, handsome, and ever so talented! Glad you used the code I gave you (technically jkusters got the first one from my original account, but you got the first one since I got a paid account).
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