June 16th, 2003


Weekend stuff, this week, and random musings

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Today's been crazy. Changed flights for the third time, got a literal last-minute appointment, then they had plane problems. Oy. I'm leaving early. Laundry tonight - w00t.

Tomorrow night is the Belmont Park stroll, Wednesday is gaming, Thursday is the EC meeting, Saturday I pick up the ceramics we made last week, and Sunday is the Pride Guides car wash, Gaylaxicon staff meeting and LYC pot luck (I'm skipping the pot luck).

Other random stuff:

* Ended up reading some Harry Kim slash fic today care of the Dope. Fun stuff, although I'm not usually a fan. Mostly Kim/Paris, although I did read a good Kim/Wesley one, which mildly disturbed me that I found it erotic (Wil Wheaton looks better now that he's older, so I pictured him as a buff Johann Paulik and it worked for me that way).

* Disturbed by the outcome of the first Georgia hate crimes case. The guy is hitting the other guy with a baseball bat while screaming homophobic epithets, and it's not a hate crime? It's depressing.

* I think I got bit by the settle down bug. I really, really wanted Yudi to come home with me Saturday night to cuddle, and realized I really wanted someone to come home to. Perhaps this June gloom has gone on too long and is adversely making me slightly psycho or something. I'm sure it'll pass the next time I pick up a trick on AOL. :D
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