June 6th, 2003


MTV Awards & stuff

Caught bits of the rebroadcast of the MTV Awards, and it was totally worth it. Not only did Yoda give a great acceptance speech ("Promised myself cry I would not!", "Plays off Yoda no one does"), but Gollum stealing the award from the guy who played him, mouthing off a stream of profanities at everyone involved in the production and flipping everyone the bird was priceless I want that on DVD if it ever comes out!

Daniel popped over for a bit of PS2 last night (that boy is so twisted, bless his heart), had chicken bits for dinner, played a few more rounds of CE and watched another Enterprise episode. This afternoon I have to get the checks to Pride for the LYC booth and the Center for the LYC car wash. Tonight I have to finish straightening up for our weekend guests. Tomorrow is coffee, dinner, then Yudi wants to see a movie. Sunday is going to be busy - Myke's church service, then the car wash, then home for John's party. AMB is still out Monday - that's good. :)

Gosh, I really do use this thing like a daily calendar. I ought to share more of my thoughts and things. At the moment, however, my only thought is, "I have a lot of stuff that I should be doing instead of writing in my LiveJournal." :D
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