June 1st, 2003


Last weekend and this weekend all in one entry!

First, last weekend - Collapse )

Now, this past week and weekend:

Tuesday & Wednesday AMB was out, and although I tried to catch up on some work, I only got a limited amount done.

Friday I bought my new laptop, Sophia (after Sophia Loren, the only woman ever to arouse me), then went with Myke and John and Yudi to see "Finding Nemo," which was literally laugh-out-loud funny.

Yesterday I did my Pride Guides schtick at Rainbow Graduation (they gave me a gift for all my hard work on the program - namely a hula guy bobble), went to a Gaylaxicon staff meeting and did some programming brainstorming. Afterwards Chris, Yudi and I went to Bourbon Street, where some pushy ex-Marine hit on Yudi in a bad way.

Today was a day of rest - I slept in, and finally got around to playing CE online, which was pretty good (I still prefer the live game, though).

Tomorrow our new Assistant DOD starts, so should be interesting getting her up and running before AMB is out again Thursday, Friday and Monday. After work I need to clean the guest room, and at some point I have dates with Arnie and Joseph this week (at least - I have some other folks lined up as well, but we'll see how they pan out).

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