May 13th, 2003



Why is it that even when I feel like I've had a productive day, it still doesn't seem like I've actually accomplished anything? (Well, I did, but I still have a lot to do - so of course I'm updating my LJ...)

AMB was out today, which meant I could casually take my time to go to the Umbrella Group lunch and meet up with Joe afterwards. Boogied on some Pride Guides stuff (filed a lot of things, got some e-mails out, etc.) Looking ahead, I've got a pretty full calendar through the end of July - bah! Also made the reservations for LYC for Long Beach Pride this weekend, which should be fun.

Bought my tickets yesterday for Baycon (which, for whatever reason, I had in my head was at the San Francisco airport, but it's at the San Jose airport, which, thankfully, is where I got my ticket to because it was cheaper, although at $177 it was still rather high for a trip to the Bay Area, but at least my change of destinations proved to be th right thing to do). Also chatted with Hal, Joey and Doug to figure out my plans for the weekend - looks like Great America on Friday night, crash at Hal's, do Baycon Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday, then up to SF to go two-stepping with Hal and partying with Doug, and then hang out Monday until I need to get back to SJ Monday night to head home.

Also chatted with Allison last night, and we decided on who to invite as our third GoH, and we're pretty happy with it. Poor dear sounds stressed. :(
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