May 1st, 2003


An update of this past week

Well, ConFurence was... interesting. :) Collapse )

Didn't do much Monday - I think I watched a few episodes of "Enterprise." Tuesday I cleaned out my satchel - whoopee.

Last night was fun. A few months ago a guy I was working with (he's since moved on), Tim (who is incredibly hot) mentioned he was a part-time massage therapist, and recommended his therapist to me. Well, having had a lot of upper back and neck pain lately (no wonder my boss wants me to get my workstation ergonomically evaluated), I called saw him after work. Can't beat his prices - $25 for an hour! Still, I wasn't altogether that impressed. Yes, he knew what he was doing and I felt good afterwards (a little sore today, but that's expected), but there weren't any preliminaries, such as medical history or more information about who I was and why I was there - it was very "let's get down to business" with only the basic info. I wasn't too wild about that. I think I got spoiled by Peter - with him, it was like going to the doctor, and he spent a lot of time talking to me and working with me. This guy also didn't do any energy work, which Peter and another guy I saw here once in SD before he moved to LA, Noel, did and worked for me. Still, the price is right and he is good at what he does, so I might see him again until I find someone I'm more in tune with (I guess I got what I paid for). And who knows? Now that Tim and I aren't working together, maybe I can get him... ;)

Ben and Daniel came over for game night, and we played Carcassonne, which I'd never played before but I'm glad Myke convinced me to - much fun! I even won the second game. During the evening I got a call from Joey, a geeky, lumbering (but oh so cute) Asian guy from the Bay Area who came down last April and came to my pot luck (found LYC on the web), and I ended up spending the night with him. Turns out he's coming down this weekend, and wants to get together again - woo hoo! :D (When the cat's away and all that...)

Ben had asked about going to see Triple Espresso tonight, but I want to wait for Yudi to get back, as he wanted to see it, too.

Not much planned for the weekend - nothing Friday so far; Saturday I'm going to SLEEP IN, and then go to coffee and dinner, and Joey's coming down, so we may end up going out; and Sunday is open, too, so maybe I'll take Joey to the Zoo or the aquarium or SeaWorld or something - we'll see.

Yudi comes back next Friday, and next week I'll be getting my boss ready for a trip - at least it won't be boring! :)
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