April 16th, 2003


How SMOFy can I be? Hmmm...

Interesting phone call today from Jimmy, the west coast coordinator of LYC. Seems Billy has been a thorn in everyone's sides over the past couple of years, so it's not just me. They want me to bid on iCon, the international LYC conference, for 2005 - HA! I updated my SMOF resume today:

* October 2002 - Events Chair, Conjecture I
* April 2003 - Party Maven, ConFurence
* October 2003 - Hotel Liaison/Party Maven, Conjecture II
* April 2004 - Chair, Gaylaxicon
* July 2004 - Began tenure as Speaker for the Gaylactic Network
* October 2004 - Events Chair, Conjecture III (goodness knows I'll be doing something)
* October 2005 - Art Show wonk/auctioneer, Conjecture IV considering bidding for Chair, Conjecture
[Moved to Maryland]
* June 2006 - Gaylaxicon in Toronto (just attending as Speaker)
* August 2006 - Worldcon in Los Angeles (probably not doing anything)
* July 2006 - Guest Liaison, Westercon (I believe Jim's going to call in that favor)
[Moving back to San Diego in 2007]
* 2007 - Gaylaxicon in Atlanta
* May consider chairing a future Conjecture (2008? 2009?)

Don't get me wrong - I'd LOVE to host iCon, but for both my busy schedule and the fact that our chapter really isn't ready to commit to something like that just yet, I think it'll be a couple of years. So maybe 2006 at the earliest - we'll see.

Oh, and Howie keeps flirting with me. He's so cute! >D

10/8/04 - Edited to add: Updated a bit.

12/1/05 - Edited to add: Updated a bit, plus need to figure out when I was Art Show auctioneer for Condor, and I think I auctioneered something else either there or Conjecture - some kind of charity auction? Can't remember except that I had to do two auctions at one con. Also consider putting in fannish group affiliations (Darkstar, Gaylaxians, SDQSF) and cons I've attended (Creation cons [Dr. Who, Star Trek], Philcon, Balticon, Loscon, Condor, Conjecture, SMOFcon, Worldcon/ConJose, ConFurence, Coppercon, Gallifrey). Joined timebinding. Oh, and let's not forget that whole art pimpin' biz thang.
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Went to the two stores in Mission Valley I knew would have the gifts I wanted to buy Yudi for his birthday tomorrow, and both don't have them anymore! >:-( I'll have to leave work early tomorrow and head up to North County Fair...
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