February 7th, 2003


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Welp, my dinner guest cancelled on me, as he had to go pick up a Jaguar for an AIDS benefit he's running in Palm Springs. He's an interesting guy - always seems to want to impress me with who he knows, what groups he's involved in, how many contacts he's networked with, etc. I'm not sure if he's deliberately trying to impress me (which he's not) or if it's just a habit of his. I'm not sure how the situation will pan out in Palm Springs, but there's no doubt that we'd throw our support to the LYC chapter there first, and him second.

So, instead I finished my laundry, cleaned a little bit more, blah blah blah. Poor thomasm stayed home sick (and jkusters stayed home today - I better not get it!). :( Tonight it's "Angels In America" with them and Yudi, tomorrow I may go help rebuild the art show panels that got damaged last year (the work party just came up, but might be fun), then coffee and dinner, and Yudi and I were thinking about going to the drag show on campus (if nothing else to see our LGBT Resource Center director as Cher!), but I'd just as soon go to dinner with the boys. Then I have off Sunday and can hopefully get some G'con stuff done.

And speaking of, I'm going Monday or Tuesday to open the bank account, Monday night we're having a meeting to talk about the hotels, next weekend is Gallifrey, the weekend after that might be Florida (although if I don't go my boss asked me to work the event we're planning right now, which will be that Sunday), and the weekend after that is Condor - whew! Gonna be a busy February, but also going to get a lot accomplished.

And I uploaded a new LJ picture today. Yay me!
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