February 1st, 2003



Nice night - work wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be (put off the mass mailing until Monday), Johnny made a very nice dinner for Pat, me, Yudi, Thang, Dennis and Hoai, and instead of going out for karaoke or two-stepping we ended up staying in and played cards, and I half watched "The Art of War," which looks like I'll have to watch again sometime. I was really, really tired though - must have been a longer week than I thought. I'll probably sleep in tomorrow, but Yudi wants to come over for lunch before LYC coffee, so maybe he'll sneak in and wake me up. :)

Time to check mail, check the Dope and head to bed.
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What a horrible thing to wake up to.

I remember when Challenger exploded - I was in the darkroom in high school and heard them announce it over the loudspeaker. I always said that our parents remembered where they were when Kennedy was shot, but our generation would remember where we were when Challenger exploded. I suppose the next generation will be the WTC/Pentagon attacks, but this one's pretty big, too.

The only thing positive I can think of is at least they had finished their mission, since that was the first time 4 out of 7 of them had been in space. It must have been the culimination of their lives to do what they did. They went out on top - that's got to count for something.
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